Gemini #2

Gemini #2


Quality: Mutable

Element: Air

Charge: Masculine / Positive

Motto: I Think

Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins

Colours: Silver / grey; bright colours

Flower: Lilies

Birthstone: Pearl; Agate

Metal: Mercury; Aluminium

Body: Hands and lungs

The air form of Gemini is both the light breeze & strong winds

Positive traits:

Active; adaptable; communicative; inquisitive; intellectual; charming; multitasking; nimble; clever; imaginative; articulate; whimsical; witty; straight-forward; open-minded; experimental; joyful; playful; enthusiastic; social; adventurous; verbal; youthful; energetic; spontaneous; entertaining; upbeat; risk-taking; friendly; dualistic.

Negative traits:

Self-interested; restless; impulsive; over-talkative; fickle; inconsistant; indecisive; temperamental; superficial; mind games; tricky; over-curious; devious; critical; vain; over-stimulated.


Talking; the unusual; teaching; learning; different things in life; having multiple projects all going at once; travelling; making jokes; jet-setting.


Feeling tied down; losing; being wrong; being in a bad situation; metal inaction; being alone; not getting credit for one’s successes.

Gemini are usually quite joyful and communicative. You like to talk, not worrying that much about what is being said. Generally, you don’t take things that seriously, but are quick to joke and laugh. You are curious by nature, but impatient as well, so you prefer to learn a little about much, rather than much about a little.

Gemini are very communicative, rarely quiet or discreet. You enjoy cheering folks up and getting their attention. If it’s in the middle of Gemini you want to enjoy life, be with friends, make conversation and satisfy your curiosity. You are also prone to be well-versed.  You are quite restless, jumping from this to that, initiating subjects for conversations and soon switching them. You have a hard time concentrating, but that doesn’t worry you much.


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