Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

Have you ever put yourself in my shoes? Try to walk on my feet. No, try to stand up on my feet. And tell me how hard it is. Tell me how the world goes spinning as you try to up from your sit. Tell me how much the pain feels as you try to keep standing.

Have you ever think that you should try to be me? Try to see everything from my side. Try to see everything from my point of view. Try to feel how I feel.

Have you ever, for at least a second of your life, think about how much damages you’ve caused? It’s all just because you are being such a coward. Have you ever use your humanity to think, to feel and to act?

Because I have tried. To walk on your shoes. To think like you. To see the world from your side, in your point of view. To use my humanity so I don’t send the best assassin to murder you cold-blooded. Yes, I’ve tried, and I’m lost in your little absurd mind.

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