Feel Me, Fellas

Feel Me, Fellas

It sucks when your friends never ask you again to hang out, shopping, having some coffee or just simply talk. I guess it is one of so many risk when you are a mother. You have so little time and so many things to do. You are overtired for doing nothing and overwhelmed with the sound of your baby crying and acting out. You are forced to put your baby at the top pf everything in your life. You don’t have time to yourself anymore. Most of the time, it is so hard to have a nice and quiet lunch or dinner. Or even a tight sleep. If you wanted to go with your friends, you have to bring your baby just so you won’t feel worry and guilty because you left them at home.

Apparently, everything is just harder for a single parent like me. Because you have no one to rely on. You simply just rely on yourself because everybody is having their own business. Though you have your parents, your sister/brother or your assistant at home, you worry to ask just because you think that is too much to be asked. But in return, you can’t go at night because you can’t bring your baby. You find it so hard to go to cinema because you can’t bring your baby. You have no time like, no time to take care of yourself because of your baby. And as I write this post down, my baby is sitting on my lap because he’d be crying if I put him at the chair or carpet.

It is hard. As hell. Everything feels overwhelmed. My heart and my mind feels so tired, I get cranky all day long. My soul is restless. And if there’s anyone thought that being a single parent is fun, try to be one for one week, a month tops. You’ll feel lucky to have a husband/wife. Cheers.




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