The Exception

The Exception

We tend to love the one who hurt us, who abandoned us, who forget us, who lie to us. We tend to love the one that shouldn’t be loved or even liked. Simply just because we feel that we need them. While, fact is, they need us more. We pretend to didn’t care that they put the sharpest sword right into our chest till we can barely breathe. We pretend to forget the way they treated us, and keep telling ourselves that they just not in their best shape at the moment. We keep making excuses to our weakness for them. We keep making excuses for them. We started to lie to the person in the mirror. We don’t care what people said, because we ‘know’ what’s best for us. Because we think, we are happy and we don’t need someone else’s help. We cry and fall, all over again, every time, yet we always come back to that one person we hate/love the most. We are not ourselves anymore, said them who loves us.

And in the end, they’ll keep jerking around. And do you really wanna be the one whose always making a person an exception while you can be THE exception?

4 thoughts on “The Exception

  1. It’s hard to let go the peole we love for they’re a piece of our heart, and story of our life but when they start to play harmful parts,we should shun them ,we need positive peole in our life to bring in happy ending 🙂 I love this beautiful piece of writing ,it’s real .Keep it up .

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