Can I Have It Back?

Can I Have It Back?

I took a step back when it comes to trusting people. I sometimes give away that too easily, I got broken-hearted. I might mingle well with people but I hardly could feel comfortable and safe. So when I’m finally open up with people, told them my stories, share them my secrets, let them have a little piece of what’s left from me.. It is a very big step for me. And I risked my heart by doing that.

Now when I risked it already, and about to be disappointed all over again.. Can I have it back? Can I have that little piece of me that I’ve given you back then? So I could feel a little less disappointed :”)


4 thoughts on “Can I Have It Back?

  1. Understandably it is difficult to trust when you are left disappointed. However if we do not allow ourselves to trust we may be missing out on a beautiful experience. Surround yourself with people who are worthy of being trusted. 🙂

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