just when you thought your world can not be anymore worse, it is getting worst..

We always need that one moment of ‘me time’. Being all alone with ourself and us. Just to calm ourselves. Just to think everything through. Just to make us a bit more sane, than we were. But what if even a ‘me time’ is not helping anymore? What if what we really need is a moment to be on a space of infinity and sitting there for like ever? To be at our quiet moment. That even our mind are disabled to whisper, talk, yell, scream. To be at our peaceful moment. To be just with oxygen. Living, breathing, healing..

Because, somehow, we can’t talk about whatever is happening in our mind. Maybe it’s just because the randomness or simply we don’t have anything to say. We are just too speechless.

And I am too speechless. To talk. To think it through. I need me time.


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