Are You Mr. Right?

Are You Mr. Right?

I suffered from a traumatic event of being in a relationship that leads to something more serious like marriage.
I found it a bit stressful to be in a relationship with a future on it instead having a fun, happy, no-future relationship. Despite the fact that I’m a teen single mother, I kinda looking for a stable relationship to be honest. But on the other hand, I’m scared as hell. It might hurt me. Or it might not right. I, as many other girls in the world, want my marriage to last forever. I don’t wanna suffer in another broken heart or stuck with the wrong person. I don’t wanna be a widow. And I, as many other girls in the world, always thinking about the worst. Which is not good.

How in the world we know, who is the right person? I mean, if it is meant to be, how could we know it is? Is there a sign? Or what? I don’t know how this thing works and how the right person supposed to be like. All I know is.. I don’t think I’m ready to be in a relationship. No, you know what? I don’t know anything. And it’s kinda frustrate me. *sigh*


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