We Need Manual on How-To-Be-A-Parents

We Need Manual on How-To-Be-A-Parents

No one told on us on how to be a parent. How it is to be a person in charge of other person’s life.
No one told us on how to raise a child. How it is gonna be when someone depending on you so much.
No one told us on how to survive in the middle of a parenthood. How to stay strong and living life.
No one, ever, told us how to be a mother. Even your own mother never told you such thing. They told you how to change diapers, how to feed your child, how to bathed them, how to tuck them in to bed. But have they told you how to love them? How to live, breath and survive in a parenthood?

I can barely breathing. It is so damn hard and I feel like I am hopeless. No matter what I do, or what I was thinking to do, it never seems to be the right thing. I didn’t know that being a mother is this hard. Stressful and a lot of pressures. I feel like I have zillion things on my shoulder just now, holding my breath and make it harder for me to breathing. I’m not living a dream I used to dreamt. I am not living a reality I used to imagined. I am now on someone else’s page, sacrificing almost everything I have, pretending I’m okay, messing with my life and leaving things I love.

So, tell me again about how your mom ruined your saturday night?


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