Dear God…

Dear God…

It was just a random morning talk about renovating the house and so on. Until somebody start to throw the wrong topic about college. The fact that my Dad is on MIA status, brought us to the most sensitive and crucial thing, money. *deep sigh*
The thing about money is, they always run out before we even know they were there. And in my condition, I never realized they were there, not until I spend it all on things I didn’t even remember. *deep sigh* *again*
It has always been an issue on my family, since I could remember. Ayah, the one whose supposed to provide our needs, selalu jadi pihak yang timbul tenggelam keberadaannya. Ada, tapi tak pernah ada. Ini sudah yang kesekian kalinya dia menghilang. Dan kami sudah tak lagi kaget. Life goes on. And he was never around, so nothing’s changed. My life has always been hard. Some unfinished issues on this and that, problems here and there. Everyday is always a brand new struggle. Tada!
Not that I’m complaining, it’s just I wish God can make it better. Because I kinda on a big need here. *super deep sigh*
Hey, God, do me a favor will Ya? Just give me one of those help I’ve seen on movies. Send me an angel. The one that’ll bring me a magical thing to change my life. Send me anything to make my life better. I am just desperately need it..


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