A Poprock

A Poprock

Have you ever tried a poprock? It is a candy with popping sensation when it goes to your tongue. Like a little bomb, it’ll blow in your mouth. “Tss, tss, tsss”, is the sound of it. So calming and popping your mind out. Well, at least my mind popped every single time it melt in my tongue. It is sweet, actually. It has several flavours, but the one I love the most is strawberry. A classic one, I guess (I don’t really know, but I think everything has strawberry flavour). It is sweet and you’ll always crave for more. Anyway, if you haven’t tried one poprock, ever, in your whole life… You missed out the “Bazinga!” moment of your life.
I changed my twitter bio (@aysadihardjo), to this :

A poprock.

Because for some reason, I might have something in common with poprock. Some people (yes, some, because most will say that I’m jutek) said that I’m sweet. But behind all the sweetness, cuteness and other things, I stung. And some people (I will have em write it down so you’ll believe me), said that I, for some particular reason, had blown their mind out. Whether it was in a good way or not, I don’t care.
So, I’m a poprock. You wanna try? (poprock, not me, of course!) 😉


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