A Letter To Me.

A Letter To Me.

You are predictable yet hard to be guessed. You want a fairytale and trying so hard to living life in reality. You’re dreaming so loud in an awkward silence. You wanna be spontaneous in a planned trip. You love to be with someone a bit less than you love to be alone. You said you’re not lonely but you always die a little inside everytime you see a cute couple.

For once in your life time, please be adventurous. Fall in love fast and fall out of love faster. Go to the airport, pick a destination then fly. Be you, just a bit wilder. Free yourself, be out of the box and do bungee-jumping. Smoke weed and get drunk. Be irresponsible, be young. Stop thinking and just do. Because we need to be like that, at least once in a lifetime. To be our true colors and let others suck themselves.



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