How to easily fall out of love is beyond me. No, let me correct the sentence. How to easily disliking your crush is beyond me. I wonder if it’s only a cute puppy like (because love is too overrated and too fast). Because if it is, I fell hard.

It has been a while, by the way. For me, to like somebody so much. I hate it, to be honest. I have this thing about letting myself pull too hard, too close, and then it’s gone. Because a person is like sands. You hold it too tight, it’s gone. And I’m babbling. I talk too much. God knows what’s really happening to me.

My head keeps screaming in my ears. That little voice tells me to back off, because it’ll, surely, hurts. Oh, dear head, you just don’t know how much I want to stop. Stop this feeling. Stop. Just.. Stop making me wanting for more. Craving for you.

A like-y crush-ey feeling like this shouldn’t be complicated. It should be fun, it should be something that makes you blushing and stuff. It should be EASY. It should not be gloomy and blue-y like this.

Oh dear me. Why you should fall too fast and not be fall out of this faster? Didn’t I ask you to do that? See? I’m babbling. I talk too much. Again. *le sigh*



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