I Have To Get Out From Bogor

I Have To Get Out From Bogor

Lately, I got easily carried away by movies. I cried like several times in one single movies. Imagine me watching Grey’s Anatomy’s re-run on dvd.

I wonder why. I’m feeling a little empty the last couple months. For some reason, my son, my mom, my friends and my daily activities are desperately boring. And since my sister has already moved out from our house, I basically lost her. You know, I was interviewed for a job last week (still no phone call, tho. *sighs*). I went to Jakarta alone, by train, which was a rare thing to do. I arrived at the station and took an ojeg (a motorcycle ride, it’s like a taxi) to the office I had to go to. Done an interview. And go around Jakarta like a tourist. It was fun, hahaha! Anyway, I was practically doing a whole new world. And I’m proud of myself. To go out there and giving a chance to be ‘out of my shell’. I was so scared but it felt nice and good. Most importantly, it felt nice. It still does.

After a nice day out, I had to come home, to Bogor. I took the train and when I got here, it didn’t feels like home anymore. Now that’s when I know, I need to be outta here and get some new environments and all. Meet new people, get some experiences, basically have a whole different life. I need to get the hell freaking out of Bogor. With all things going around, I need something fresh, something new, something worth doing, something that feels right and makes me feels good.

I need to be out there, in the world. Living THE life.

P.S: Today’s my Dad’s birthday. I’m not gloomy and blue or stuff. But my friends will tell you guys that I acted crazy the whole day. I laughed out loudly to something that wasn’t really funny. I teased people every 5 minutes. I couldn’t stop moving and my friends started to stop me from doing all the stupid things. LOL. Anyway, I guess it’s a happy birthday for you, Dad? I hope the Angels treating you just fine. Okay, let’s open up some bottles and get drunk. Wait, damn, I’m still breastfeeding!


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