Hello, My New World!

Hello, My New World!

Who’s working now? Me! Yeay! It’s my second week in my new office actually. Past few days was okay and fun. I found myself learn so much about things I didn’t freaking know.

I’m working as social media officer. My jobdesk is to update my company’s social media account like twitter and facebook. I also an editor for news page in our website. Since I’m the only one in social media division, I take care of social strategic to maintain contents, increase followers, like in our facebook fanpage, hit on our web (at least for news tab). My priority for now is the magazine and website for one division. Later, I’ll be taking care of another 4 division such as Artist Management, Event Organizer, Café, and Studio Recording. Pretty much awesome, eh?

Aaaand, I can use photoshop now! Yeay! Hahaha :p And I have to put a bit of HTML to publish news in my company’s website. The most awesome thing is, I get to attend every single event whose partner with us! Yess! Tomorrow, I will be attending Steve Aoki’s performance. Though I don’t know who he is. Before that, I will be going to an event where I could see several local artists. All I have to do there is watching the show and tweet. That, people called live-tweet. I’ll be doing some sort of live report like reporter. Instead of doing it in front of the camera or microphone, I’m gonna be in front of my phone and busy with it. 😀

That is the story of my almost two weeks work. I’ll be doing another story, later. Keep on reading! 🙂


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