Another Letter To Myself

Another Letter To Myself

There are things you could never understand. Like feelings. Like when you adore one person but you know it’s not even close to right.

What’s right about falling to the wrong person? It’s like falling off of the cliff. And to make it even worse is you let yourself fall. You are by chance, letting yourself to relive the pain and somehow you enjoy being the one whose hurt and broken as you always do.

If ever, all you wanna do is having a time machine to get back to that one afternoon and say no to a Sunday night. Because that one Sunday night led to one and another broken-hearted feeling. Because when you could say no, you could avoid all those feelings you feel now. Because one good chance to not agreeing is one key to just be you, the-fun-and-not-feeling-something-to-anyone-you kinda gal.

How in this whole wide world you always manage to fall for a long list of wrong guys?


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