(Too) Early Birthday Wish List

(Too) Early Birthday Wish List

So, I was thinking to make a list of things I want for my birthday. Which, I know, a bit too early. Okay, okay. It is too early. But I have to cheer myself up, and doing this, making this list, makes me happy in a weird and exciting way 😀

The other side of me keeps telling myself that no one would fulfill my wish list, since, you know… My relationship status is single. But, who cares? I’m doing this for myself anyway! 😀

So, down below are things I want for my birthday. (okay, feel free to hit the close button now)

  1. iPhone 5. Argh.
  2. Galaxy Camera. Don’t judge my choice.
  3. A vacation getaway. Lombok sounds interesting for 2-3 days :p
  4. A full package of Sephora’s make-up. Me. Want. That. Badly.
  5. A happy-go-lucky shopping. And yes, I don’t want to pay the bill. D’oh.
  6. A full day spa. Do you really have to know the reason? I’m a still a gal.
  7. Cash. I appreciate the effort to find me birthday gift, but I don’t mind if you just give me the money. No, seriously. :p
  8. SURPRISE! Okay. This one’s cheesy, I know. But who doesn’t love surprises? I love it! Throw me some surprises and I will love you. If I already love you, I’ll love you more :’)

It’s a lot. Again, I know. But it’s my birthday. I deserves a sweet one for me. Emm, right?


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