You Bled Me.

You Bled Me.

When I first declare to myself that I’m in a moment where I do not want to get married or having serious relationship, I meant it. And you changed it all over a cup of coffee, two bottles of beers and endless cigarettes.

So I trusted you. I gave you what’s left of my heart, I gave you my time, my precious one, my power, every single thing I could ever think of. I gave it all to you.

And you decided to broke me into tears and left me nothing but a shredded heart.

And you still asked me to stay. Because you never know how it feels like to be left alone after what you did. And you still asked me to forgive you. Because there is always enough forgiveness around your life. And you still asked me to act the way we used to be. Because in your world, it knows no scars that still aching.

So I stay. And act like everything’s okay between us. But, no. I haven’t forgive you for what you did. I have no trust on you.

And this day, I realized that I fell way too deep. That every single thing I gave to you are bullets to my heart. You shot at me. You bled me. You, hurt me.

And it seems to me that you got no guilty whatsoever.


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