The Thin, Invisible Line

The Thin, Invisible Line

He said he loves you. He crawls into you. He practically begging you. He just can’t help himself.

And it’s not like you only stand there watching him. You love him as well. Might be a little bit more than he does. But you want to see him suffer. For every drop of tears he caused, you let him crawl and beg and try to get you back. Only for your own satisfaction. Because somehow, that is a sweet, oh damn sweet revenge.

And there goes your forgiveness. You let him waltz into your life, and give him just a right amount of another chance. You never said that this is his last chance though. Because deep down in your heart, you got that voice of yours locked in a cage, saying, “This will happen again, and I will forgive you again”.

Isn’t it sad? To be in love and to be considerate of your loved one’s bad behavior? But in your defense, that is just how love truly is. Or shall I say, that is just how stupidity really is?

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