Girl in The Mirror

Girl in The Mirror

I don’t know what’s worse. Being unable to control between what you want and what you should do or, being someone that you hate the most yet you enjoy being that someone.

I’ve been looking to that person in the mirror for my whole life, and she’s not being herself the last several years. Or maybe, just maybe, she’s actually revealing her true colors. It’s the irony that keeps slapping me in the face, the irony that keeps telling me to get back on my feet. Because I’m starting to hate that person I’m seeing. I’m starting to see why everybody hates how she turns herself to be.

She’s fun. She sure knows how to have fun. But she can’t bare the emptiness. She can’t bare the void. The silence in her own little world, killing her every single cell in her mind one by one. And there’s nothing worst than that because she’s begging for more.

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