This Too, Shall Pass

This Too, Shall Pass

No matter how hard, challenging and sad the life has been treating you, believe me that you’ll look back at those moments with smile on your face. Because eventually, the storm has an ending. Because even though you’ll never know when will it end, it will. Because Allah never tested beyond our boundaries.

No matter how many times you’ve cried yourself to sleep, how many sleepless nights you’ve been through, believe me that you’ll remember less of that and more of happy memories. Life has it ups and downs. Those will be moments to let you learn from your mistakes.

No matter how many times you thought you won’t make it, believe me that you will. Because life is more than what you think it is. Because you are stronger than this and you can make it. Because this too shall pass.

Put your smile on and heads up. This too, shall pass.

PS.  : To my dearest bestie, Irvin Rizky Christsindy.

One thought on “This Too, Shall Pass

  1. I was googling and wrote my name. Then i found this beautiful note.
    Thank you ibooo..wonderwoman in real life..hehehehhe 😘😘😘😘
    Love you xoxoxo..

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