100 Origami

100 Origami

I am blessed with so many kind-hearted people in my life. One of them, happens to surprised me today.


I was watching tv with my son, just another lazy day when someone knocked on the door. It was the mailman. He said the package belongs to me. I was confused. I wasn’t expecting anything delivered this week. The sender of the package is Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who casts as Sherlock Holmes. That one inside jokes about Cumberbatch with someone hit me right in the heart.

It was a box. A big box. A big, light-weighted box wrapped in a gift paper and covered by plastic. I cut those wrappers and found myself smiling because of the contain of the box.

100 origami of colorful birds. Handcrafted and there’s a handwritten in each bird. A simple message each. Filled with honesty, effort, struggle, willingness, hope and.. love. Those aren’t just bird origami. Those are attempt. Those are prayers. Those are a story of how much a guy willing to prove the girl that he loves her.


  • And for once, after a very long time, she finally felt like she is worth every extra miles, she is worth the waiting and that she is loved. And for once, she is being respected rather than being used.

This is my kind of thank you to you, dear Aa. I wasn’t capable to finish this writing after I received the package. I didn’t even know how to start a conversation with you over chat. But, I am thanking you now. Thank you. This is sweetness. The kind of sweetness overload.

PS : This was written the day I got the package. I’m sorry it took me so long to finish it.


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