A Letter To Her

A Letter To Her

The sad and ironic truth is when you are in a condition where you have to make peace with yourself. Because as years goes by, you have declared war with your brain, your mind, your heart, your soul and your situation. You have been struggling over the same thing, over and over again. Everyday you love yourself a little less and hate yourself a bit more.

If only peace of mind is actually as easy as written in so many pictured quotes, then maybe you won’t ended up as a wreck like you are now. You don’t even know what you want anymore. You live like a living dead. You look like you function well, but what they don’t realized is that you are here now because your brain and heart conspired to torture you by doing what they do best; function well.

Please stop. Please be at peace in your mind and heart. Please love yourself. Please stop hurting yourself, because you’re hurting too many people when you do that. Please do what you have to do and stop being a selfish bitch. You are better than this.


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