The Phobias

The Phobias


and I wonder. maybe the reason I keep failing on every single relationship I had (despite the fact I always chose the so-not-right-guys) is that I’m too afraid to open myself up and be in love.
and I might be not good enough for guys whose been so good to me. I might be not the one they are looking for. my flaws broke me.

and they will soon ignore me. forget me. because in their eyes, I’m replaceable. because they will find another me, in a better shape and condition. then..

I will ended up got hurt. because once I fall, I fall deep. once I love, I love hard. I will be dedicating myself, my time, my strength, my life to that one person who’s successfully stole my heart. once I tear apart, I’m afraid I will never get back on my feet again.

this is my devil’s circle. this is my insecurities that keeps me staying off sanity. this is my weakness. this is who I am now. and I want to get better.


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